Zero Turn Sprayer

Box 549, Estevan, SK Canada S4A 2A5


About Us

For 20 years the Tide family has been looking after a 2 acre city park, in their hometown of Estevan. We cut the grass and sprayed the weeds, and are proud to say that our little park is one of the better kept parks in our city.

For years we tried to keep the dandelions and other broadleaf weeds at bay, using a small hand sprayer which took hours of time and we never could seem to keep up. We decided to buy a sprayer for our Zero Radius mower and we thought that a front mount sprayer would be the best and easiest to operate for us.

After researching we found there was nothing available anywhere in North America! So we decided to build our own. The Zero Spray was designed, and it evolved from there.

The next issue we needed to tackle was that it was very difficult to see where we had sprayed. We ended up with areas that were over-sprayed and other areas that were missed. After a lot of thought we came up with the Zero Mark marking system, which was inexpensive and simple to operate and it worked extremely well.

We now had another product that was nowhere to be found in North America! The next thing that happened really took us by surprise, it seemed that everyone who saw our sprayer wanted one of their own! So we decided to start our company Tide Industries.

Our goal from day one was to build the best sprayer available, to fit a Zero Radius mower. We believe we have certainly achieved our goal.