Tide's Turf Tips

Helpful lawn care hints from your local experts!

  • Always cut your grass as tall as possible, unless it is early spring or late fall.

As a matter of fact, we cut our grass in the highest setting on our push mower and also on our Zero Radius mower. For years our neighbors have accused us of over-watering or over-fertilizing our lawn to make it look so good!

The truth is that we fertilize only once in the spring, and although we water a little more than most, it usually only amounts to once or twice a week. Longer grass promotes longer root growth, and more insulation is provided to the ground to reduce evaporation.

  • When choosing fertilizer for your lawn, always choose the type with as large a first number as possible.

The first number indicated on the product is the nitrogen, and that is what grass loves.
In fact, if you are mulching, the last 2 numbers in most cases does not a matter a bit!

We have been using 32-0-3 the last few years with great results.

  • Always read and follow manufacturer's recommendations when mixing chemical in your sprayer.

For use in our park, or when we test our sprayer, we have been using a chemical called Par 111 which we have found to be cost effective and controls our broadleaf weeds very well.
We are currently using a mixture of 1 litre per 40 litres of water with excellent results.

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