Tide's Customer Testimonials


  • Chris Crosby – Pendleton South Carolina

I am a Landscaper and have used the Zero Spray landscape sprayer on my Kubota Z724 for 2 years now. It is a great product and I really like the Air Induction spray tips that control any drift and make spraying much safer. In the past I had a separate rig to do my spraying and it took a lot of room on my trailer for that extra machine. I always have my zero turns at the jobsite so now I always have my sprayer as well. I am also very impressed how I can get into those tighter areas now and not have to go back and respray those areas with a backpack sprayer.

  • Laurie and Kim Wehner – Grandora Saskatchewan

The Zero Spray is so easy to operate and because of the compact design we decided to leave it on our mower all year long. I was surprised how the Air Induction spray tips allowed us to spray even in light winds. It’s a great product and probably helped us save our 2 pastures!

  • Lionel Stepp – Torquay Saskatchewan

It’s a great sprayer! Zero Spray is easy to use and it only makes sense to have a sprayer on a machine as maneuverable as a zero turn. It reminds me of when I went from a pull behind sprayer to a high clearance sprayer on my farm. I’ve bragged it up so much that a lot of my neighbors have them now too!

  • Gateway Cities Golf Course – Portal North Dakota

Zero Spray has been a great sprayer for our small 9 hole golf course. Before Zero Spray we used a three point hitch sprayer on a tractor that nobody wanted to operate due to its size and complexity. Zero Spray is just so easy to operate and so maneuverable on our zero turn. We have no trouble finding operators now.

  • Joe Verbeem – Lampman Saskatchewan

Zero Spray is the first sprayer we have ever owned that my wife is happy to use. It is so simple to operate and the maneuverability is just great. We are very proud to have a great looking yard and Zero Spray has helped us to keep it that way.

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